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The Haemostatic Net

What is the haemostatic net?

The haemostatic net is a technique that I have adopted in my facelifting practice for the last few years. It involves multiple rows of stitches being placed through the skin that has been lifted up as part of the facelift allowing the skin to be stitched down to the deeper layers of the face at the end of the procedure. This results temporarily in a slightly strange appearance of rows and rows of stitches appearing on the cheeks, around the jawline, and under the neck. These stitches are only in for 48 hours and are removed, usually in the clinic by my nurses.

What does the haemostatic net do?

The haemostatic net stitches obliterate the potential space left under the skin after a facelift that can allow blood to accumulate causing a haematoma. Haematomas (blood collections) can otherwise result in the need for an emergency return to the operating theatre to wash them out and stop any bleeding. As a result, since I have been using the haemostatic net, none of my patients have had any issues with haematomas.

Why else use the haemostatic net?

As well as the advantage relating to haematomas, the haemostatic net also allows me to position and re-distribute the skin to the optimal position when I am closing the scars on a facelift, helping me to spread the tension on the skin and minimise irregularities or risks of pleating and folds in the skin.

What difference has the haemostatic net made to my practice?

The haemostatic net has really been a “game changer” in my practice and I have now used it for several years. Whilst it may sound a slightly unusual approach and it might look somewhat strange for a couple of days, it has proven of such value that is it is something I insist on undertaking as part of my facelift procedures.

This video shows the steps taken in a deep plane facelift with the use of a haemostatic net. YouTube have age-restricted it due to the surgical content, so you when you click on it, you will need to log in to your YouTube account (or create one if you do not have one)

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